10 best ways to attract parents to join your PTA for the new upcoming session!

This is the time of the year when you actually start preparing for the beginning of the new session at school. You got to manage all the previous year files, accounts, funds, expenditures, etc. so as to make sure that the next year’s PTA events run smoothly and free of hassle.

The most important responsibility you have on your shoulders right now is the recruitment of new members and volunteers for the PTA.

According to National PTA, there are 6 Family-School Partnership Standards. They are:

  1. Welcome all families into the School Community
  2. Communicate Effectively
  3. Support Student Success
  4. Speak up for every child
  5. Share Power
  6. Collaborate with Community

Apart from these Standards, following are some ways to get more parental support for your PTA:

  1. Keep an easy way-in and way-out-
    If parents need to ask you about how to join the PTA, your way-in is not so simple. Have a very easy procedure for joining the PTA like simply filling a form or signing up on the website. You don’t need loses just because of a complex joining procedure.
    Moreover, keep the way out even simpler so that the parents don’t feel obliged if they couldn’t help the PTA.
  2. Organize your PTA-
    Parents would actually get boosted to join your PTA if you organize it very well. No one would like to join a haphazard group of people who are not able to manage their team efficiently.
    To organize your PTA, you can outsource some of your time taking work and utilize that time to manage things better. Most importantly you can outsource the Fundraising Campaigns and management of accounts to some online fundraising platforms, such as PTSA Fundraiser, Kickstarter, MightyCause, DonorsChoose, etc.
  3. Put a “personal membership invitation” in the back to school mailing-Such emails cannot be ignored by the parents as they have important details about school reopening. You can add a “personal membership invitation” along with a back-to-school online kit for parents.
  4. Give attractive offers to members at PTA events that have fees-
    This might get you quantity of volunteers for your event. It is on you after the event, to make them sincerely work with the PTA, attend meetings and literally think better for the organization.
    You should make them feel required and welcomed in the group, no matter what skills they have or where they can help in the event. Do no forget to appreciate their effort at the end of the day.
  5. Offer a "dad’s program" to encourage men to participate-
    Some of the daddy’s need a push to join the PTAs, PTOs or PTSAs. You need to add a ‘Dad’s Program’ in your PTA event list.
    You can have a Bring your dad to school day, or a Daddy’s day out, or a Mother’s on leave day so that fathers actually get an insight of the PTAs works and responsibilities and feel their importance in the group.
  6. Inspire others-
    Quality above quantity, always. Be realistic about what you have, the time and manpower, and what you want to achieve. Do less but such brilliant events that the parents wish to join your PTA.
    And at the end of each program, ask the members of the PTA to inspire other parents by uploading the success story on social media and also spreading it by the word-of-mouth.
  7. Thank your team-
    Some simple words of appreciation, or an email of appreciation can do magic!
    You never know what effects can your words have. A differentiated message for every member or at least the members who showed excellent skills to help you will reflect your feeling of gratitude.
    You can try this and see the results.
  8. Add fun elements for parents-
    A PTA is not just about raising funds and organizing events for the schools, it also has a fun side to it. Some of the events can be arranged to purely have a social angle for the PTA, such as the family nights, pyjama parties, etc. These events will show that PTAs are not always asking you to put your hands in your pocket, but also about some fun!
  9. Take reviews and work on them-
    "No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen."
    Get the reviews, understand your positives and negatives, focus on correcting your wrongs, and become the best PTA.
    Since the parents and volunteers are closest to the PTA, after you, that is the reason why their reviews matter so much.
  10. Value the efforts, words and time-
    Each and every person is going through some phase which you don’t know about. Be kind, be compassionate, and show your concerns for each and every member. Even if they spend a minute with you, make it worth their while. It is not recommended to push the parents further to take responsibilities or spend more time working for the PTA.
    Listen to every idea, every plan and value the intentions of people doing good for the society.

Always create a positive environment and stay optimistic!

Thank you so much for reading this blog.

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