This is heartbreaking!
Embezzlement and stealing of funds raised for enrichment of schools and students, what is it with the humanity.
PTA Leaders such as the PTA President, PTA Treasurer and other handful of trustworthy people have been accused for the cases of stealing the school funds for their personal reasons.

In the year 2019, until now we have a record of 15 registered cases according to Terrence K. Rice, CPA from Milwaukee, who lists all the School Embezzlement Cases that come to his notice. According to Rice, "typical theft cases in parent groups involve small amounts of money compared with embezzlement schemes at businesses." But no matter the amount, it shakes the trust of parents and volunteers and the bond between PTO and donors.

Here listing all the 15 cases of 2019, so that we can understand each case and come up with a solution:

Case Study 1: Marian Lewis has been arraigned in 90th District Court in Charlevoix on a felony charge of embezzlement from a nonprofit more than $1,000 but less than $20,000, officials said. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison:

Case Study 2: The former president of a nonprofit that serves as the advocacy arm for all the school districts in Riverside County pleaded not guilty today to embezzlement and other charges stemming from the alleged theft of $40,000 from business accounts to pay personal expenses:

Case Study 3: A Fort Myers High School teacher, Laura Licata, is being investigated for stealing money raised by drama students:

Case Study 4: The man, Steven D. Johnson, acting as treasurer of two local youth wrestling clubs is accused of stealing a total of $64,827 since 2017:

Case Study 5: Prosecutors said Christensen embezzled $116,625.94. Prosecutors said Christensen wrote personal checks under the non-profits name, applied for personal loans under the nonprofits name and used the nonprofits debit and credit cards for personal use:

Case Study 6: The former chief financial officer who stole $1.2 million from the Berkeley County School District was sentenced Wednesday to more than five years in federal prison for what authorities have described as possibly the largest public embezzlement scheme in South Carolina:

Case Study 7: An assistant principal and wrestling coach at Hastings High School was charged Tuesday with embezzling nearly $14,000 meant for the school’s wrestling team:

Case Study 8: The former president and treasurer, Danny Cervantes, of an Indio elementary school parent-teacher organization accused of embezzling more than $22,000 from the association in about 10 months:

Case Study 9: The alleged embezzlement was discovered last summer when a teacher’s salary check bounced and an audit was conducted. The police report indicated that Sarah Kurtz allegedly sent an email to the school in July 2018 confessing to taking $127,000:

Case Study 10: Chandra Dee Mehlschau, 48, of Nipomo pleaded no contest Tuesday to a felony charge of grand theft by embezzlement of more than $950.The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office alleges that between December 2015 and April 2018, Mehlschau stole approximately $11,000 from Ag Friends while serving as its treasurer:

Case Study 11: Former IB Charter School PTA president Kaitlyn Birchman was arrested on Jan. 2 at her home in Temecula and arraigned on Jan. 10. She has been charged with embezzlement of $400 or more, grand theft and writing fictitious checks:

Case Study 12: A self-employed accountant who was elected treasurer of Elizabeth Scott Elementary School’s PTA pleaded guilty Thursday to embezzling $24,500 from the organization after earlier skipping her trial and fleeing to North Carolina:

Case Study 13: Vielka McFarlane admitted in a plea agreement filed in federal court in Los Angeles that she misspent $2.5 million in public education funds intended for Celerity students:

Case Study 14: An Aurora mom has been charged with stealing more than $21,000 from the Parent-Teacher Community Organization at Village East Elementary School:

Case Study 15: An Eau Claire woman has been charged with stealing nearly $230,000 while serving as secretary/treasurer at a private school in Berrien Springs:

After reading all the case studies, we can only think of the reasons behind forgery. Sometimes it is a dire need of quick cash or sometimes low-esteem. People doing such crimes need to understand where is the money supposed to go and how is it important for schools and children.

We can together try and control it. Here are some simple solutions for your PTA:

  • Manage accounts every year: In most of these cases, we have seen that PTA Leaders and the School Authorities steal money over a period of years. If you manage your accounts every year and stop them instantly, you can save your PTA from embezzlement.
  • Be organized: An organized PTA will save you from any such mishappenings and make it trustworthy and volunteer friendly. Using an Online Fundraising and Tracking tool can help you to be transparent and clear.
  • Don't raise petty cash funds: Because handy cash lures in stealing. And if not noticed in the early stages leads to a habit leading to Kleptomania.
    Try to use online transactions as much as possible.

Just another key suggestion: Try not to confront anyone on your own. This might lead to a very disturbing environment in the PTA. Call your school board's attorney along with some outside help like a CPA, etc. for all the investigation and confrontation with the accused.

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