On the last day of the PTA Connected Month (April 1–30), we are here with a mind blowing idea for raising and managing the funds for your school.

PTA Connected is a program that helps the families and the parents to understand, research and support the children by building and growing a digital community for the parents. According to National PTA, under this program you are Connected to:

1. Connected to programs that help PTA leaders facilitate event nights designed to increase the knowledge of digital well-being in your community.

2. Connected to best practices, expert resources and tools that provide parents with the information they are looking for on how to have conversations with their children about living a healthy and safe life online.

3. Connected with each other as we navigate and adapt together to build and grow as a digital community.

In addition to this, here is a mind blowing idea for you to raise and manage funds using a digital platform.

As a member of PTA at your school, you have chosen the best way to help your child and the children of the nation. We appreciate all your efforts from simply attending the events at school to taking the responsibility of managing the complete event. Each of your actions are appreciated. Being in one of these organizations, your hands are already dipped in too many tasks, so we offer you an aid to manage and track the record of raising funds.

PTSA Fundraiser- is a digital platform that will help you raise and manage funds for all kinds of student enhancement programs very easily and efficiently. It is a portal using which you can actually create a personalized campaign, such as a fun-run or walk-A-thon, hawk-A-thon, read-A-thon, etc., within minutes. You just need to enter some details and give your campaign an attractive name. To add to it creating a campaign is absolutely free. Isn’t it amazing!!

A few more details about PTSA Fundraiser-

As soon as you have created your campaign, you’ve actually created a web page for your fundraising event in such a short span of time. You can customize the web page using a LOGO for your event, or adding your favorite colors, etc.

After you have successfully created your campaign, each and every student assigned with the event will get a personal student page, which they can easily share on any and every social media platform; and a dashboard to check their progress and track their funds.

We hope this information facilitates you getting amazing results for the school and the children. For more details, visit https://ptsafundraiser.com and create a fundraising event for your school.

Thank you so much.

Keep up the good work!!