Out of hundreds and thousands of fundraising requests online, how are you planning to stand different in the eyes of your donors?

Here are some tips that can help you out.

Everyday, a number of schools are creating online campaigns for crowdfunding using various tools and tactics. And with the growth in the number of campaigns, it becomes difficult for your school to get adequate funds.

Here are some tips you can use to attract more donors easily and raise funds efficiently:

  1. Competent URLs-
    The web page of your campaign should have a URL that seems legit, such as it must include the name of your school, or the name of your campaign. For an instance, if you create your campaign with PTSA Fundraiser you get a web page with the name of your school/campaign as the sub domain.
  2. Title-
    It is the first thing that attracts your donors. You need to use a catchy title, and rationally use punctuation. An exclamation mark (!) can be too assertive sometimes, and full-stops (.) can be too typical.
    Choose your words and symbols carefully.
  3. Logo and Image-
    It is said that, A picture is worth thousand words.
    Visuals can get the attention of people very easily. Thus, selecting a good image and a logo for your campaign is a must.
    For a campaign with PTSA Fundraiser you can add a logo which becomes the recognition for your campaign and a cover photo for your web page, that will be ultimately visible to all the people engaging with your campaign.
  4. Campaign Description-
    PTSA Fundraiser gives you complete freedom to customize your campaign web page, starting from the color to the content.
    If you want something done right, you have to Do It Yourself!
    Test your idea, Start your DIY!

These were some very basic hints for your success.

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