Jotting down all the essentials for a PTA/PTO event to run successfully.

Having an event, such as a fun-run, walk-a-thon or a read-a-thon, has never been easy for the PTO chairs. It is actually very difficult to consider all the peculiarities of the event to be held, especially an event which has a motive other than just fun. You might have experienced some of the major and minor glitches your event had when you previously had a fun-run for a fundraising event at school.

Thus, after a long Q&A session with a leading event manager, we have these tips for you to consider before you plan your next event.

1. Mould & frame an idea:
Brush up your knowledge, and consider all the events that can be held with available resources. Think about the how the event is going to help in the betterment of the students as well as society.
Discuss this idea with people you trust, keep your mind open for suggestions, and do not rush to finalize everything. Check with the team, how feasible is it for the students and parents and how are they going to be attracted towards the event.

2. Answer- 5 Ws and 1 H:
The most essential part of the event is brainstorming and answering the very basic yet very essential questions:

* Who- Who are the attendees, are there VIP attendees, donors from previous years, alumni, or is the event only for the current year students and parents. This question is significant as it will define the crowd of your event and will help you structurize the event better.

* What- What is the purpose of your event, what will be the ultimate goal, is it just a fun event or is it a fundraiser, will it develop a student’s personality or help the parents meet new parents. By answering these questions, you will understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

*Why- Why defines the overarching goal of your event, i.e, why is the event held at the first place. For example, an event with the goal to attract new parents to step up and participate will be absolutely distinguished from the one with a goal to raise funds. Answering this question will help you think getting into the shoes of your target audience.

* Where- Where will the event be held, is there adequate space, does the weather supports your venue, what are the set-up requirements, is the space adequate to occupy the crowd. These answers can help you proceed with your arrangements and logistics.

* When- Deciding the day, date and time of your event is pretty crucial. Should the event be held on a weekday or a weekend, in the summers or during the fall season. Check the availability of all the VIPs, teachers, parents and everyone who is important for your event.

* How- Here is where you can start the actual planning of how are you going to execute your idea.

3. Teamwork is Dreamwork:
Make a note of all the work before, during and after the event. And now, share the responsibilities. For example, the treasurer can lead the fundraising team, and the vice-president can handle all the leaders and VIPs coming to the event.

4. Always be ready for an emergency:
A first-aid kit, fire emergency, emergency light, shortage of resources, an extra transport medium (such as a car), indoor arrangements during rains (if your event is outdoor), etc. are some basic necessities for an event. You never know when an emergency hits your event.
Be prepared, and don’t break out in a cold sweat, act wisely.

5. A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude:
Appreciate even the tiniest of the efforts one has made for your event. As a leading chair, do not forget how important is it to understand the requirements and needs of the volunteers, and the parents and teachers involved.

Thank everyone who helped you make your event a success, even the attendees and the participants. You will see the difference, people would love to work with you.

A successful event calls for planning for another successful event. Go on, get the wheels on fire, and blow away the minds of your attendees.

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