2019 has just started and while the schools prepare for the pending exams, they also look forward to organizing various fundraisers for the benefit of the school and students. These fundraisers are very important to the schools, students and parents as well, for they pave the way for collecting much-needed money to organize the events throughout the year for the students.

A fundraising event can be held in several different easy ways and can end up raising more than the original goal as well. But organizing these events every year without repeating the events, again and again, can be quite tricky. Although there are multiple sites of the internet that can provide with hundreds of choices to choose from but not all of them are suited for elementary schools or just schools in general.

So, instead of lurking on the internet for hours in the search of an event idea to use, here are the 10 best PTO ideas for elementary schools that we believe have the potential to be of ultimate success.

Bake sale

Starting with the most familiar event to host, bake sale is just what the name suggests; a sale of baked eatables by students and their guardians. This is a fun little activity that promotes the bonding of students with their respective guardians through baking stuff together. The students take a step towards learning the art of baking while the money raised through their sale would help to improve the quality of education of the school.

While the event might seem quite simple and even boring but it can be given a modern and fun twist by having the families bake within the school as an extracurricular activity. This way the event can be more engaging and fun.

Pottery Classes

Sometimes getting dirty is worth it. Organizing a pottery class occasionally would encourage the students to indulge in activities other than educational ones. The articles made by the students during the class can be showcased in the class as trophies to motivate the kids. A little appreciation can go a long way, especially for a kid.

Moreover, the students may find the task of making pottery a good stress outlet and some might even discover their talent for the art. The school may as well include the teachers and parents for an overall experience rather than just for the kids.

Karaoke Night

No one would want to pass on the opportunity to have some time to themselves, once in a while, especially if you’re a parent. The responsibility of raising a human being is huge and often exhaustive. Karaoke night for the guardians/parents at the school, while the kids are looked over by the teachers in a separate room can prove to be of great help.

A night full of entertainment may as well be exactly what the parents need to recharge themselves. The students can have a movie night or even a karaoke competition among themselves. The winner might be crowned as the king/queen of karaoke for the rest of the month.


Reading stimulates the mind like no other activity. The imagination of the students can run wild and inspire many students to become avid readers and writers in future. Reading is one habit that keeps giving something new to the executor.

Organizing a marathon of reading (Read-a-thon) will nudge the students in the direction of the amazing world of books. It would aid the students in developing their individual personalities and recognize themselves in the process. Reading opens the mind to a whole new universe of magical times, thrilling cases, sweet romance and other uncountable stories.

Not only will a read-a-thon allow the students to discover their style of reading and areas of interest but it will also improve the communication skills of the students. Reading and discussing the novels among themselves will boost their confidence and hence strengthen their personalities.

Parent’s Sports Meet

A little competition is healthy and recommended. Having a sports meet for the parents would bring upon a welcoming change by involving parents beyond their usual cheering duties. The parents of one section of class may compete against one another and the winning teams would then compete among themselves to crown one winner.

The winners might be rewarded with small prizes and recognition. It might even be organized like a proper sports meet with saleable tickets for the different events, to bring in funds in a more subtle manner.

Field trips

Field trips to places like museums, institutes, companies, aquariums, etc for expositions and educational purposes provides the students to learn in a more authentic environment than that of the classrooms. It is known that a student learns faster and better with visuals and audio. Although now the technology has made leaps and even 3D visuals are available for the students, nothing holds a candle to the live experience still.

Field trips educate students on various aspects of life. Apart from the academic aspect, a field trip teaches the students to be self-disciplined, alert and organized. For the overall growth of a student and to entertain them beyond the walls of the school, field trips are essential.

Paint with Parents

Coming back to the important relationship between a child and its parents, ‘Paint with Parents’ can be another activity that can significantly improve the dynamics within the family and introduce the children to the world of painting. Parents play the most important role in the lives of the children, finding ways to strengthen the understanding and love between the two cannot be better than anything.

Under Paint with Parents program, the students will get to paint alongside their parents. Each parent-child duo will be given a sheet to paint upon and the duo that wins will get to attach their painting on the notice board as their proud achievement.


Who doesn’t like a carnival? A place where one can create or relive their childhood memories. The flurry of rides, games, food, shows and much more can easily make any child look around in awe and the adults would be no better either. A carnival, if balanced properly, can not only enrich the attendee's inexperience but can also bring in funds for the school through the money collected in terms of fee/ticket.

A carnival with the right balance of fun rides, good food and other entertainment has the most probability to succeed than most events as it is a nostalgic experience for the crowd of all ages.

Talent Hunt

A school is from its students and each student has different interests and talents that even the students are not aware of most of the times. For such reason, a school should host a talent hunt show where students are given a platform to showcase their talent.

The event shall be held in such a way that a student shall not feel uncomfortable in wanting to try for any category of the show. This would lead to increased confidence in students, recognition of the student’s talents by the teachers and fellow mates of the participant.

A talent hunt shall be flexible enough to incorporate new and unheard talents based off of an explanation that the student shall be ready with, if possible. But the show shall be too flexible that it becomes impossible to narrow down the categories of the talents and their participants.

Zumba time

Technology has made the life of humans easy and advanced but it has resulted in more and more people becoming obese. Students should be fit to lead a healthy life and make the most of their energy. Granted there is a gym period in most of the schools, it often fails to get students interested in the activities.

Zumba is the most fun regime out there that can easily get the students excited about exercise. Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue and mambo while squats and lunges also form a part of the schedule.

Organising Zumba classes at least twice a week for the students and maybe for the parents as well will result in a healthy and happy environment. Taking part in dance like activity can boost the metabolism and mood of the students without the same intensity that is required for running tracks, push-ups and other standard gym class activities.

PTO activities shall focus on improving the experience of students for the better. Apart from the activities that are core to the educational department, there shall be activities and events planned for the student’s enjoyment so that they may handle the increasing pressure of studies in a more productive manner and deliver better results.

Although these events shall be for the enjoyment of the students, one shall not get carried away and organise any program without student’s growth in the hindsight. Hence, PTO should be aware of the correlation that the fun and growth of the students need to have.

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