7 do’s and don’ts for PTA Presidents for the upcoming academic year.

Is it overwhelming you to become the PTA President for the next academic year at school?

Oh, you got to relax. Here are some excellent suggestions for you to follow and become an all-pro PTA President:

1. Be confident. Be you.

You are the PTA President because of yourself. Don’t change.
Whatever the ex-PTA President did, you don’t have time to worry about the past.
#QOTD- “Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its brevity.”

Stop thinking, start doing!
You’ll be a great PTA President.

2. Don’t be afraid of the failures.

With responsibility comes expectations, and with expectations comes the fear of not being able to fulfill them.

The board has seen some qualities in you and only for that you’ve been elected as the PTA President. You have to have faith in yourself. Give the best you can as if it were the only opportunity for you to stand with your school, and the rest can be destined.

3. Treat every member as your very own.

All members, as well as potential members, are your assets. You must treat them all as your own, if they come for one meeting or they attend all the meetings, if they attend the event or they volunteer it.

Welcome them, greet them, meet them, thank them, the more you communicate, the more productive your PTA becomes.

Take care of them, but don’t over do.

4. Learn to say 'NO'.

You cannot implement all the ideas together, neither can you deny suggestions. Take decisions as per what is convenient and not what sounds exciting or depending o who gave the suggestion. Saying no is the requirement of your job. And for this, diplomacy is the key.

5. Remember why you started.

Anytime, anywhere you feel disheartened, take yourself to a road down the memory lane and remember why you started. How eager you were to handle all the responsibilities of the association and how you opted to just go for it. Embrace all your successes in the past events and look forward for the future experiences. Believe in yourself and keep shining.

6. Show your gratitude.

Know that all the parents and volunteers are sparing their time only for you, not for the school, not for the child, but you. This will give you an immense sense of gratitude. Express it as loud and proper as you can. Send emails, or speak up to them, whatever you wish, but do it.

You will see magical results once you start saying 'Thank you'.

7. Meetings.

As important as meetings are, these can be a real stress sometimes. Organizing, finalizing the agenda(s), summoning parents and teachers, valuing the opinions, and keeping everyone motivated, all of these are considered your responsibilities.

Apart from these what is more important is keeping meetings as crisp as possible, finish the agenda and then let the fun begin. Jot down MOMs and distribute them via emails or handy leaflets.

Also, it is your responsibility to make a meeting a healthy discussion ground for everyone.

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