As kids, we all have dreamt of bringing a phenomenal change to the world. However, as grown-ups, we realize that the idea of changing the world can be pretty much daunting in itself. What big can one achieve alone? If every person did just one right thing to make the world a better place today. Billions of acts of kindness, social responsibility and generosity would flow.

Among those little things that build up to a remarkable difference is volunteering for a school. We all agree to the fact that children are the future of the world. Helping them reach their potential is the best we can do for their future. This would definitely lead to changing the face of the world in the future.

Parent Teacher Student Association, well known as PTSA, is one such organization where Parents, Teachers, and Students come together to uplift the capabilities for the schools to thrive.

PTSA provides you a platform with volunteering power and effective communication, tapping into proven programs that boost children’s well being. Wondering what more PTSA does? Read about it here.

Endeavour PTO is one such organization which is consistently working towards the betterment of the society.

Endeavour PTSA defines fundraising as:

“To provide an enriched educational and social experience, by partnering with parents, staff, and students to support and inspire the children of our community.”

In simpler words, accumulating money for an objective that benefits society.

Every dollar contributed enriches the academic and social experiences of the students and the community. The financial support funds student academic enrichment programs in every class, provides staff and campus support and encourages social and community engagement, including:

• 100% Financial, volunteer and creative support of the Art Docent program for each grade level in every classroom

• Annual Science Fair, showcasing entries from over 400 students from all grade levels

• Science to Go curriculum for every classroom

• ELL and Math Buddies intervention support

• Grade-level grants to subsidize programs and field trips, including Biztown, Toyman, and Camp Colman

• Community social events throughout the year, including Spooky Spaghetti, Book Fair, Culture Fair, Bingo Night and Art Walk.

Let’s walk down the memory lane to find the series of events the institution has organized so far with the help of joint funds.

The school’s journey began in September when spirited little toddlers were ready to start their marvelous academic year ahead.

Soon after the session began, the school kicked off their flagship fundraiser, “Jag-A-Thon”. They distributed some cool raffle prizes, amongst the enthusiastic students and celebrated the occasion with high spirited fun activities.

Many artistic mascots from various classes were also seen at various events from time to time during the jag-a-thon. One could see the Jaguar running through the corridor or Sparty, the skyline mascot dancing along the way.

Little children waved past the busses and cars, through their ‘Honk n Wave’ initiative. This motivated the passers-by to donate for the fundraiser. Who could ignore the shining and enchanting smiles of these kids? And with that, the funds rolled to 40% of the goal.

In the evening hours of April 25th at Pine Lake, a FAMILY PIZZA AND BINGO NIGHT was organized. The bingo packages were even made available online, making them more accessible. The students were dressed in their Endeavour spirit wear, though some of them were seen in the yellow and blue color of the school uniform as well. Indeed a truly mouth-watering event.

With the agenda of spreading more information about the funding procedures and volunteering, people were invited at 5th ‘Annual Breakfast’ and 20th Annual ‘Nourish Every Mind Luncheon’. When tummy is happy, the heart is happy. Happy heart motivates one to contribute for a happy cause.

Fridays became synonymous to popcorn. Friday became the most interesting and most awaited day of the week as many poppy popcorn parties were organized for the children. After all ‘Love is sharing your popcorn.’

Bringing the children closer to the environment, Garden Work Party was organized for kindergarten children. Kids don’t remember their best day of television but they will surely remember their nature walks.

The very next was the Art Walk on May 9th highlighting the beautiful art pieces by the students. This introduced the community members to a new creative world of the children with wonderful colors and many eye-catching art pieces.

Superheroes have a major impact and influence on the lives of the children. Endeavour Family organized a “SUPERHERO FIELD DAY” on May 6th with parents and volunteers to contribute and celebrate a fun day with the children. Setting up various fun and exciting tasks, the parent volunteers were dressed up as their kids’ favorite Super Hero.

Summers are never complete without SUMMER CAMPS AND CARNIVALS. Endeavour family organized the most exciting event of the year where the parent volunteers helped to create an aura of a fun summer camp for the students of grade 5. This was followed by Summer Camp with Skyline High School. Students were encouraged to join and learn and experience some fun summer dance moves with Skyline Dance Team.

By October 4th comes the great success of collecting up to $77000. An event to celebrate the same was organized the following day.

The school corridors had huge notice board flashing the target achieved by the school and as the new session is around the corner various invites to contribute were made from time to time. Even the little Endeavour Jaguars took out a rally with beautiful hand made posters to invite people to contribute funds to the school.

Happiness comes from not what we get but from what we give. To inculcate the sense of giving and helping others amongst the students of Endeavour, the family organized a “Socksgiving” to donate the last sessions socks of any sizes to the nearby shelters.

Math indeed is very cool and with that spirit, the 5th graders from Endeavour participated and bagged a position in the “Math is cool” competition.

Way to go Endeavour for making a positive impact upon our local community! The Endeavour Elementary School Garden has generated 378 pounds of produce, that is donated to the Issaquah Food Bank.

Another big hit came when Endeavour Family won the ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT GRANT by ISSAQUAH SCHOOL FOUNDATION.

Various other amusing events were organized like the McTeacher day, where the ever hardworking teachers and supporting volunteer parents took the dear students to McDonald’s for some tasty treats.

March 6th, 2019 was the wonderful Science fair putting the hard work of the students in the spotlight which is the result of the help and encouragement the school receives in different ways.

The teachers and the volunteers spent countless hours working day and night making the event a great success and raising 100% of their goal. Shout out to the fabulous staff and volunteers who led the charge of making this event happen and raising funds for their school. Their committed and consistent efforts were very much evident throughout the fundraising process.

Here is our charming Endeavour family, together they have delivered the resources for their school and programs for all the families.

Need more ideas for your event? Find more here.

As every individual, rich or poor, has the right to live their life with respect, and proper education an essential element on that path.

Education doesn’t only gift a person with knowledge and wisdom but it also shapes their present and future. Education introduces us to the world and makes us worthy of a better life.

As it’s been aptly said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mentoring students, tutoring them or even guiding them to reach their true potential is a noble and distinguished contribution towards the society and to the future, and PTSA is an all-embracing platform to do it.

Inspired by Endevour’s PTSA journey? Want to know what tools they used to complete their mission?

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